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Hally Stainless Steel Vacuum Cup

Body with the consumption of 304# stainless steel substrate.
Winter warmth, summer cold


Stainless steel with vacuum insulation / food grade plastic.
Heat preservation 10 to 18 hours
Wide mouth accommodates full size ice cubes
Compact designs takes up minimal space while maximizing capacity
Removable/washable cup

Colours: Black, Light Blue, Pink, Red

Includes box.

Size: 21 x 6.5 x 6.5cm (H x L x W)

Usage instructions:
Before use: Add a little water, close the lid for 1 minute and pour the water out.
Clean with a soft cloth with neutral detergent or wet foam to clean the surface.
When the bottle contains hot water, please do not let kids play with it to avoid scalding.
Do not put the bottle in microwave, electric oven, disinfection cabinet or dishwasher.

Preprinted with HALLY LOGO


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