Warranty & Returns

Ally & Co believes in fair trade and conduct, thus if any product bought on our store to which you are unhappy with has defects, poor craftsmanship etc. Ally & Co will replace it free of charge. We value our customers - your happiness is our success story. 

Possible issue: 

Out of stock

It is entirely possible that the items become out of stock during the order processing stage. In such situations, our after-sale team will contact the customer and offer specific solutions. Customers have the right to request a refund (covering the product value and the shipping fee) in the event of not receiving any email notification.

Size difference:

Please take clear photos in good lighting of items reported, as well as using a ruler or measuring tool, to high light any size discrepancy. This reduces the possibility of disputes. Following submission of the photos to our customer service team, we will provide a reply as soon as possible. This normally requires 2-3 business days. According to our RMA criteria, deviation from the original size must exceed 2CM for custom made items; for non-custom made items, the deviation must exceed 3CM. Following RMA authorization from the after-sale team. We will arrange a pick up free of charge. 

Missing items or wrong items

Customers are to obtain a refund in the event of missing items or incorrectly shipped items. A reshipping service will be arranged in either event. A refund will be offered in the event of accessories being unavailable for reshipping. Please ensure you open the parcel and verify the contents carefully before signing for the package.


    1. The after-sales team must authorize return before the customer can send back the package. This will be an RMA number.

Email us: returns@allyandco.co.za