Shipping & Returns

Thank you for your interest in All Your Bags Online - Your 1 stop shop for Bags & More. 

  • We are Cape Town based thus Cape Town orders will ship slightly  quicker. Don't blame us for choosing the beautiful mother city. 

  • Hello Joburg :) - Don't worry we know you have the power - your orders will ship just as fast just slightly longer than Cape Town because you don't have Table Mountain. 

  • Get to it - How long will my order take? Here's the thing 80% of our products sits in our own warehouse these products will take 3 working days to arrive. 

  • The other 20% will take 5-7 working days. How will i know which product sits in your warehouse and which doesnt? You won't be know this information so assume it will take 5-7 working days - you will probably receive your order sooner :) 

  • So, that's a wrap - get shopping. What are you waiting for!