ZEN Ultrasonic Diffuser - Dusk Series

R 299.99 ex.vat

ZEN Ultrasonic Diffuser - Dusk Series

Suitable for use with essential oils, The ZEN Ultrasonic Dusk Series Diffuser/Humidifier is able to create beautiful fragrances in your home, promote stress relief and tranquility, while also enrich the air quality around you. The shape, design, and 7 changeable LED Lights make it the perfect addition to add class, luxury, and aesthetic appeal to any room in your home.
With auto-off function, the ZEN Dusk Series Diffuser is able to operate for 6 hours on its lowest setting, 3 hours on its intermediate setting, and 1 hour on its full setting.

Special Features:
- LED light: 7 changeable LED lights
- Promotes rest and relaxation
- Enriches Air Quality
- Humidifier
- Suitable for use with essential oils

- Size: 168 x 168 x 148 mm
- Water capacity: 300 ml
- Power supply Input power: AC 100-240 V 50/60 Hz
- Output power: DC 24 V 500 MA
- Material: PP+ABS
- Timer: 1 Hour/3 Hours / 6 Hours

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