KZED Forehead Thermometer

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This is a great cost-effective & easy to use forehead thermometer – reads the temperature accurate to +/-0.2 °C and has a handy three colour display which shows you the status of the measurement: 

  • Green – Normal (34 to 37.3 °C)
  • Amber – Slight Fever (37.4 to 38 °C)
  • Red – Fever Detected (38.1 to 42.9 °C)

Key features:
Reads the temperature of Adults, Toddlers, Infants.
Helps read temperature in a matter of seconds.
It is a clean, hygienic and easy way of getting a temperature without contact.
The thermometer has the icons, each icon represents a temperature level, for example, Normal, Slight Fever, Alarm Function and Fever With High-Temperature Alarm Function.
50 set of data storage.
It auto shuts down after 18 seconds.

How to use?
Place the product in a normal environment for 20 minutes before you use it.
Brush hair away, keep forehead clean and wipe off sweat.
Measure forehead each time from left, middle and right, at least three centimetres apart.
Take the maximum temperature and the main temperature.
This unit has correct CE certification

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