Kooshty Go-Jo Kup

R 66.25 ZAR

Kooshty Go-Jo Kup

The Kooshty Go-Jo Kup is a reusable coffee cup that can be taken with you as you go about your day, the body of the cup is made from a sturdy and shiny stainless steel material and the lid is made from a food grade silicone.
The PP inner lining of this cup is BPA free, this lining also ensures your hands don’t overheat from the warm drinks you fill your Kooshty Kup with.
Toss those one time use cups to the recycling bin and jump on the kooshty craze with this reusable and stylish on the go cup!

Please Note:

Use & Care:
– Wash Before First Use
 Washing this item in the dishwasher will eventually break the seal in this cup that keeps your hot coffee from the outside elements. Rather hand wash only.
– Do not put your Kooshty Go-Jo Kup in the microwave.

– Use with care when consuming hot beverages.
– Do not overfill.
– Ensure lid is secure before drinking.

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